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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Digging Out

I'm sure you've all heard or read about the snowstorm we experienced yesterday. It was all over the news, along with the horrendous ice in the southeast. Well, all I can say about it was wicked (that's RI speak for "really, really") bad!

When I went to bed Tuesday night, there wasn't a flake in the air. Woke up the next morning to.....
This is what my glass studio looked like early in the morning.
Not too bad...but there was more snow to come!!

Throughout the morning and into the early afternoon, DH went out and kept the stairs to the driveway relatively clear, made sure there were paths to the studios, and cleared off one of the vehicles in case we needed to use it (not sure why since I don't think we could have gotten out of the end of the driveway). Me? I stayed in the house all warm and cozy. Now, don't go thinking that I was being lazy or anything...I had done my part...the driveway! But before you go saying, wow, what a wife!, I have to confess...the day before I made arrangements to have it plowed :-) While DH actually enjoys the physical activity involved with shoveling, even he had to admit that the predicted 15-20 inches would be too much for us to handle (yes, I do go out and help with the shoveling a bit).

One concern of ours, besides the total amount, was that it was a heavy snow. The house is surrounded by tall pines and the combination of heavy snow and wind always makes us nervous. Before the snow started, DH wanted to park my car so that it would be a straight drive out if needed. Thank goodness we didn't! Some branches succumbed to the added weight/wind and my van would have had a few dents in its roof.

The tree that lost a few branches during the night.

Fast forward through hot chocolates, reading the newspaper (online since yesterday's supposedly was delivered but is buried somewhere in a pile of snow by the paperbox), watching tv, taking a nap. The afternoon brought a lessening of the snow AND a plowed driveway!! We are now connected with civilization again :-)

Yesterday really was a beautiful white winter wonderland
with a few touches of color when a car passed by!

Now, today is another day and life will be back to normal. DH will be heading out shortly to teach his first class. I'm heading out to the studio and firing up the torch to work on some hearts for a little boutique. The furbabies will do what they do best....

Little Mama at the height of the storm..isn't life grand?
I think she was trying to show us how to deal with the snow :-)

Before I head out to the studio, I'd like to share a couple of Treasuries created by some friends. Guess instead of naps on their snow days, they were productive :-)


MmeMagpie said...

I think Little Mama has the right idea, there.

Gaynor Mann said...

Bbbbrrrr! The pictures are pretty though! Love your shop too!

Thirteen Gems said...

Brrr! Looks so beautiful too! I'm so jealous that you have your own little studio. You'd never get me out of there.

2 trick pony said...

so pretty, and the studio is awesome!

beadsnbangles said...

Your kitty looks so peaceful. I love your studio. I hope to have one like that someday. Hope you survived all the snow.

SToNZ said...

You have to sure is pretty! Love your glass studio cabin.

Chris Stone said...

my big rose bush went over with the snow! your glass studio looks cozy. ;)