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Friday, March 4, 2011

Never too old to learn something new

Or maybe this could be titled....Another Senior Moment :-)

The month of February was a blur.  It started off on a happy note with my daughter and her family visiting for two weeks.  Lots of happy memories were made.  Not long after they had returned home, we had a death in the family.  Not unexpected, but a sad time none-the-less.  I hope you'll understand why chatting here was missing.

Anyway, it was so beautiful out this morning, chilly but sunny, that DH and I decided to take a walk in the neighborhood.  Grabbed the camera, hoping to get some nice shots of things that piqued my interest and that I could share with you....feeling a little guilty here that I'd sloughed off my weekly blog ramblings.  Before I left the house, I put a different lens on the camera, one with a bit more of a zoom that what is normally on there, and one that I hadn't used before (the camera is mainly used for pictures for my online shops and the one that was on there works just fine for that).  Got up to the area where there's the remnants of a dam.  It's an interesting little place, one where I love to just stand, watching the water spill over...and listen.  There's something mesmerizing about the powerful sound of running water.  I took off the lens cap, turned on the camera, poised to take that first shot, and then realized that the Auto feature (my best friend on the camera) wouldn't I set it to Program, which I have used before, and proceeded to click away.  DH and I had the best time....walking, talking, shooting (pics, not guns, I abhor guns)!  I got some fantastic shots that I couldn't wait to come home to upload and chat about!

Here's where the senior moment comes into play.....I "forgot" to look at the settings in that Program mode...they were set for shooting jewelry indoors and everything was way overexposed :-(  With a lot of fiddling in Adobe, I was able to make one that I could share...sort of.

So I actually learned three things to use that new lens, to check the settings when in Program mode, and not to drink too much coffee if I'm planning on using the camera  :-)  If tomorrow is as nice as today was (even better would be if it is warmer) I may just head out to practice what I learned.  Keep your fingers crossed I don't have another senior moment  :-)

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